New UX Board Combination Charts


Hello - I have a few questions around the Combination Chart in the new UX:


1) Is there a way to show only one of the data labels in a combo chart in the New UX? a lot of data labels are overlapping each other and it looks like a mess. I tried manually updating the scale, but then the scale doesn't look right when I make different selections. Being able to only have one data label would be really helpful.


2) s there a way to make the font bigger than the 'Large' setting/select font size similar to the way you can in excel? The 'Large' data label is still small for me to see when showing larger amounts of data. Zooming into my browser isn't the most ideal way to do this.


3) Is there a way to change the width of the bars in the combo chart? The bars are quite skinny.


4) There are double gridlines showing in the chart. Is there a way to only show the major gridlines (i.e., the ones associated with actual values on axes)?





  • @jeslee,

    Try the extra-large option for the data point. It looks like the screenshot below. Add the text card if text card is taking too much of the landscape.



    Not very clear on the other points. It would be helpful if you can share the screenshot of the chart and specify what changes are required.