Spare Anaplan Talent Builder Account


Hi all -


I am trying to learn Anaplan and am currently on L1 model building training. It says to "Click to download a copy of the Level 1 Model Building 2.0 (New UX) model" but I am unable to do so because Anaplan requires a separate account from Anaplan Community. Since I am not currently with a company, I have to use an Anaplan Community account and due to the overwhelming demand for Anaplan, I can't get an Anaplan talent builder account for at least another week.


Is there anyone who isn't currently using their talent builder account that I could use for the time being until I can get my own? Happy to save my model separately and you can definitely delete it once I get mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you! 



  • Hi @tspoon 


    You most probably can't get anyone's spare account because most of us use the SSO of our respective companies & our trial accounts have been deactivated longtime back. It is better you write a mail to the support team of Anaplan and explain them your issue. You will definitely need 4-5 working days for a spare account as you earlier said. But still try writing to the support team. They might not take much time to get back to you. Briefly explain them what all are your concerns. 




    Muizz S.