Add DCA to INV01 Inventory Ordering

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Appreciate a starting guidance on below for what's needed as a starting example.

Rather than let imagination run wild in learning stage and end up with incorrect requirements. Is conditional formatting needed here?



Add Read and Write Access Drivers to INV01 Inventory Ordering module to set up Dynamic Cell Access to perform as shown in the example below:

Week 1 & 2 (blue highlight)

  • Week 1 shows the result when Submit Purchase Order Request is NOT checked.
  • Week 2 shows the result when Submit Purchase Order Request is checked (however, in the example nothing is writable).

Just see another Anaplan community posting where dynamics cell conditional formatting access may not be available to model builder. Dynamic Cell Conditional Formatting - Anaplan Community



  • Hi @Evahong, do you still need help on the issue you posted here? DCA and conditional formatting are 2 separate topic areas that will need to be addressed in the query you have. If this is still an issue for you, please let me know so I can assist. Also, pls provide a snapshot(s) for the issue as the link in the post no longer works.

    If you no longer need assistance with this, pls answer yes to the question below this post so that it can be marked as resolved. Thanks.