Coupa -> Anaplan


Has anyone seen any documentation, white papers, materials on integration with Coupa? Maybe more so from a functional, use case perspective?


  • BryanB

    Absolutely! What kind of information can we help with?


    Some early info:



    • Center of Excellence (CoE) models support, and are shared by, the other use cases. For example, an innovative Master Data Management (MDM) model helps align key data across disparate systems: employee information from Workday, general ledger figures from NetSuite, vendor data from Coupa, and Anaplan itself, using SnapLogic for extract-transform-load (ETL) tasks.
  • Is there any information/ SOP available on how to get this integration started? Is there any additional cost or any system specific requirements?

  • @adpinto 

     As a generic workflow:


    Coupa -----> Server [That will contain the Anaplan Connect folder & scripts to make API calls to Anaplan]------> Anaplan


    Note: There are some 3rd Party iPaas services that provide you the server part if you do not want to manage the server by yourself, e.g Snaplogic, Informatica, Mulesoft


    @jainanjali7  Here is Anaplan Connect documentation


    1. Anaplan Connect is free. However, you may have to pay for Authentication services/certificates if you need advance level security.

    2. Snaplogic & Mulesoft are third-party tools and sell licensess to use their cloud services.



    Aditya Shubham

  • Thanks @adityashubham