Values not being displayed in the TAR01 Detailed Sales Target module.


  I am unable to view the values even after entering the formulas in the TAR01 module. The dimensions are quarterly but no value is being displayed in any format. Please refer the screenshots attached below.



Please help in this anyone.




Best Answer


  • @muizzsk9890 

    Make sure summary methods are set via blueprint.






  • Hi @KirillKuznetsov sir,

    The values are still being shown as 0 everywhere. In all the formats It is being displayed as 0. 




  • @muizzsk9890 

    Check dimensions in source DAT02 module and find which are not matching with target module. I think it may be time (LY vs CY) and in this case you need to use LAG formula. please compare blueprints of the two.


  • @KirillKuznetsov 

      I have quarter as time dimension for DAT02 PY to CY & the Baseline Financial Forecast. Whereas the TAR01 is having Month as time dimension. I have used Baseline financial forecast Initial country sales target along with lookup for product family & country from SYS03 module.


  • @KirillKuznetsov Sir,

        I also needed to confirm whether my selection of ICST in Baseline financial forecast was correct pick for this formula of PY Country & Product Family sales.