Missing data when importing flat file



I am facing an issue when it comes to a data import. I want to build lists based on a flat file, and I get the file from another system, so I do not have option to modify the source file.

The file structure is like the one below:

Product CategoryProduct
Catregory AProduct A
 Product B
 Product C
Category BProduct D
 Product E
 Product F
Category CProduct G
 Produgt H

Where Product A-C belongs to Category A, Product D-F to Category B and G-H to Category C.

My idea is to use product as unique identifier when importing into a technical import list, and then I have an import module where I import the data, to basically get the view above.

However, I need a way to assign the correct product category to the products where it is missing.

Would anyone know the best way to do this? Any help is appreciated 🙂

Thanks a lot!


  • Hi fredrickstraube,


    Anaplan will think that Product B and C belong to no category since it is empty in the table.

    The blanks in that table will cause you problems. If you cannot change the file before it goes into Anaplan, I'd suggest importing the Category and Product List separately and manually create a mapping in a module or map the hierarchy depending on what will be more useful to you.

    This isn't ideal since there is some manual work, but not being able to amend the flat file prior to the import is quite limiting. I'd be interested in what others will suggest.


    Hope this helps!


  • @fredrickstraube 


    Give this a shot...Create a Product Flat list and import the products to that list.  Create a Category Flat list and import the Categories into that.  Next, create an SYS Product Properties module, create a line item named Category which is formatted as Category Flat, and import the values from your file.  Next, follow this video to create your overall hierarchy (https://community.anaplan.com/t5/On-Demand-Courses/Hub-Model-Hierarchy-Management-305/ta-p/202)  or you can follow this post.




    Hope this helps,




  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks a lot for your answer, however, I don't really see how this would help me in this case. Could you perhaps clarify a little?

    A manual mapping modules is not an option since I have several hundred list items and a three level hierarchy to build.


  • @fredrickstraube 


    What I wrote is not the manual option, it is based off the file that is being loaded.  You load the Category into SYS Product Properties module and then build a hierarchy with Category as the parent, Product as the child.