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I have build a screen in new UX with the material as dimension and the first 2 columns having material and material group as properties in the screen. I am hiding the material dimension from the screen but the top column will always show All material Summary.


When we publish a grid in New UX, by default we will have an option to filter by columns. when the user filter by any material group, we have 2 issues here:

1. We will not be able to see the summary column as the summary row of material group will be blank. But the user want to see the summary only for the filtered rows. We can't even publish a separate grid for summary as the filters will not be in sync. How can we do this?

2. If we are able to show the summary column but the summary will the summary of all the rows, not the summary of filtered. Do we have any way we can achieve the summary only for filtered rows without adding user as a dimension to the module as adding users will increase the model size as this is needed in many places.


Thanks in advance.






  • @1454884 

    I see your point

    I believe without subtotal calculation it's impossible to achive. The similar Idea was raised here:

    So according to status - it's on the future roadmap. (in other words, who knows when...)

    You can teach users to select the column they want to see a total of after filtering and then look at bottom-right corner with sum, avarage, min, max (all general things we have in excel) .




  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Thanks for the inputs. 


    The issue is they want total for all columns at a time. I will try to convince if they can select each column for default summaries but here I see there is limitation that if there are more rows in the grid, the default column summaries are also not visible.




  • Hi Ibrahim,


    I think I might have an idea but it depends on whether I have completely understood your issue.

    I would say you can create a saved view using the same module but new line item. You need a small new module for inputs, probably just dropdowns formatted by whichever dimensions you want to "filter" with.


    In your new line item, you create an IF THEN function that will show the original calc is the filter input cell is blank, else if ITEM(dimension)=input cell then original calc else 0. This way Anaplan will only have values for rows of data where it matches your criteria, else it will show 0. So your Anaplan Summaries will be correct for this "filtered view" line item. You just create a dynamic filter to show the rows that aren't equal to 0.


    Just don't dimension it by user. Of course this limits 1 filtered view at a time, but I hope this helps?

    Please let me know if I'm missing something.



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    This can be done, but it will depend on the number of users that will be using this functionality because you will have to dimensionalized the output module by Users (if all of them will be using it) or by a custom list (Fake Users) if it is only a subset of users.  The reason I bring this up, you can very quickly **** up your model space if you have a lot of users using this functionality.


    The top part or selection piece is what the users can filter on and are flat lists.  The bottom is automatic (summed) results of what was selected.





    Basically, create modules based on the attributes you want to filter on, these modules are dimensionalized by that attribute flat list and User or Fake Users.



    Create a module dimensionalized by your Materials and your Users/Fake Users with attributes as line items (boolean formatted).  This is comparing the attributes on the Materials list with what the users entered above.




    My "Final Result"  is not like yours, yours needs to be a boolean with the formula (Credit? AND DQ? AND FICO? AND Method?).  You will use this for your filter.  Also, add another line item for the Amount which is linked to your original Amount in your Materials module (this does the dynamic subtotalling).


    Let me know if this works for you and if you have any questions.