New Modeling Experience Quick Edit in Formula Editor


To all the Model Builders and SAs using the New Modeling Experience - we have a new feature that just dropped today. 

We have just switched on a new formula editor feature to help you quickly enter edit mode if you have edit permissions.
How it works

You can kick off edit mode by:

  • Double click (left mouse button) in the new editor panel
  • Start typing (a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or symbols) in the panel
  • Press space, backspace or delete keys when the cursor is in the panel
  • Paste into the formula editor panel (Cmd+V or Ctrl+V)


Things to note

  1. To leave edit mode, press ESC
    1. any edits that have not been committed will be undone
    2. you will be back in preview mode
  2. Preview mode is still available in both standard and deployed models


  • I dont think the extensibility update made it in correct? I was in the February sneak peak but I cant find this.


    • Anaplan Connect 3.0: With Anaplan Connect, users can automate Anaplan actions and processes through a free and downloadable Java utility. The Anaplan Connect refresh comes support for some of Anaplan’s read and write-back Transactional APIs allowing for more intuitive and responsive data integrations within Anaplan models.
  • You are correct; that functionality has not yet been released. The aim is still to make that available this month. Look for further announcements.
  • 1. While in edit mode, using up or down arrows will add the line item above or below to the formula

    Does it work for anyone? For me it's only shift to the begining or to the end of the formula.