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I currently try to take a Anaplan lvl 1 Model building class and I don't have any accessibility to Anaplan system(Current company doesn't use). I applied for 90 days trials(I read that I need this) and Anaplan activated my account for access.


From this point, I don't know how to start my course, can I start my course from below link?


If it is right, it seems like this is online course and do I need to have 90 days free trials to complete lvl 1 course?


Also after complete the course, do I get a certification for lvl 1 modeling course?


Thank you


  • Hi @taehkang30 ,


    Yes, that's the correct link to get started on your Level 1!

    90 days is more than enough to complete your Level 1 training, in fact I'd say it's enough to do more available online training or to practice building your own mini project. Or even move onto Level 2 if you're keen.

    After completing the Level 1 course and passing the exam (80% needed), you will be given a certificate.


    Note: I would recommend doing the NMX version as this will refer to the new design in Anaplan for your training.


    Good luck and hope this helps,