Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Please suggest the process to avoid the errors...see the screenshot attached.





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  • Sahitya
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    Sure. Please marked the post as solved.

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  • Hi Nishi,


    This problem might occur when the mapping is not correctly done. You can go to source models and check whether in mapped to section your Data Hub model is correctly mapped or not.


    Let me know if this issue is not resolved.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Hi Sahitya


    9.1 is done made some corrections..but 9.2 and 9.3 is still error

  • Is the same error is coming? Can you share the screenshots of source models tab.

  • NISHI_0-1645167281362.png

    Above is the screenshot

  • Can you match the source model tab in your model with the screenshot uploaded. I had faced the similar issues in that activity. It got resolved when I did the remapping.




  • NISHI_0-1645169188794.png


  • It looks like you have not mapped your data hub model to the supply chain model.

    To map your data hub, you can follow these steps.

       1. Go to Edit Mapping

       2. Select the workspace and your Data Hub model.


    Let me know if the problem persists even after this.




  • In Data Hub module DOT01 Beginning Inventory module and In Supply chain module 9.2 Import Opening Stock is showing, it causes error to me.

  • Check the import data source in the action tab whether it is showing the correct module. If not then map it again with your data hub module using the edit option for that particular action of import which is causing error.


  • Yeah,


    Got solution, actually the problem was in source module its added filter, once i removed it and then mapped....got perfectly.


    Thanks for the time and support..will keep in touch



  • Hi!

    Can you help ?

    I am facing a similar issue while running the process '9 Import Data from Hub' and as my source model is also mapped (refer images)










  • Hi bro I had the same problem when doing this task, this is how I solved the issue:


    1. Change the Pivot of module DAT01 Beginning Inventory

     - Put both SKU Flat and s Location Flat in Rows

     - Put Line items in Columns


    2. Reselect Levels for SKU Flat

     - only tick SKU Flat (details)


    3. Set Filter

     -  filter : equals to - ticked


    4. Save view as Export


    and then when I went back to run the process it worked smoothly.