Understanding data referencing in Anaplan


Hello All,


I am unable to understand how Anaplan is using data referencing. 


Please see the below scenario. I have to create a system module with product SKU details. I am using SKU Flat list as dimension and Code,Products and Distribution Center as Line item. I have imported the data from a CSV file and it looks like this.

Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 13.54.24.png


 The below is the blue print for this module.


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 13.55.52.png


 As you can see I have used product flat list , and Location flat list as format for these line items (code as text). My question is that how come Anaplan has reference location flat list in my module and generated the exact location names , when the CSV file only had location codes only not the names. Please see the data mapping image below for the .CSV file.


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 14.11.21.png


 Also see the screenshot of the Location Flat list. there is no Code information loaded in it. 
I cannot understand how Anaplan know which code is related to which location name when there is not link between them.


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 13.59.28.png

 Also I have another question that why do I have to use a formula for the code line item in this scenario when I already have this code information generated through the .csv file please see the first shared screen-short. I am referring from lesson from Sprint 1 Level 2.  as it is a part of the activity. see the below image of the activity.


I also don't know how to reference this code formula as I dont have codes in my flat lists.


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 14.22.55.png

I will appreciate if someone can provide this information.







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  • anikdas
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    Hi @zaibhamid81 


    The code information must have been stored in the list itself. Unless this is created, Anaplan has no way to link/ understand which location code refers to which location name.

    Can you please check the location list in grid view mode? You should be able to see the location code there.


    To answer your second question, the reason it's encouraged to use the code formula is that "Code is always stored against the list" and seldom as a list property in a module. If code changes happen down the line, then you need to update it in only one place - the list and it should flow through the entire model. Again, you can see the code only in grid view of the list and  not in list view.


  • Thanks Anik for providing answers to my questions. Yes, I can see now the code information in Grid view and that explains everything.


    Thanks once again for your time.