Restrict access for import



I'm trying to amend the UX page for my organization. in the UX page, each user can import data into 'General expense' line item. After they import, they are able to check and view what they have imported. How can I set the access such that each person is only able to view and check the numbers they have uploaded instead of seeing everyone's number? The general expense is made up of many smaller items with different users in charge of each so it is not possible to segregate by role, so wondering if it is possible to user to view and verify the numbers only uploaded by themselves?


  • Hi,
    There are few options, you should choose one that fits you best - and it depends on what you exactly want to accomplish:
    1. Add Users dimension to import module. Then in import definition, add "Ask each time import is run" for Users dimension. This will mean that each user will have a separate view.
    2. Create dummy users list, then do the same as above. This is harder to build, but allows for more flexible access management (e.g., hierarchy of users, managers can see what other people imported based on your needs).
    3. Depending on how your module is defined, you can tweak DCA in a way that, depending on a user, they can read/write data to specific lines.
  • Thank you. i'm still figuring out the design of the model and will explore the various options available