Current Period Filtering for List


Hi Anaplan Community,


I am interested in filtering a list in a saved view, based on the current period, for dashboards we are converting to new UX. So, for example, I have a list of locations that are charged a certain percentage for occupancy and my grid is showing the percentage each location is charged each month (example below):




These numbers are subject to change each year and I would like to hide those locations that do not have any percentage charge. However, when I go to add a filter for the saved view, I only see Time options for the 3 years we have in our model calendar (below):




I am wondering if there is any way I can have this automatically update to the current (FY) period automatically without me having to remember to go in and update the saved view each year. In the case above, I have to go in and update from FY21 to FY22; I would like this to be automatic.


Is this possible? Or Does anyone have any suggestions/workarounds?


Thank you, in advance!

Best Answer

  • M.Kierepka

    Yes, it's possible - all you need to do is to create filter line item (probably in SYS module), format Boolean, which will only show such >0 rows, and use it as filter in your module (can be saved view or custom view in New UX). You will need also helper line item to determine which year is current year, like SYS.Current Year formatted as Year (no dimensions) and with formula: "PERIOD(CURRENTPERIODSTART())". In the formula of the filter line item (dimensions of locations is needed here) you need to write something like this: "Value[LOOKUP:SYS.Current Year] > 0". Exact formula depends on what should be taken as current year (above option works if you want to use "Current Period" setting in Time tab , but you can also make it work with some line item in SYS module, where you would pick which Year you consider as current).