importing into a list - duplicate item error


Hi All, 

I have a masterdata module with products which have an attribute of size. 

I have a list of all possible sizes.

I have imported into the size list from the masterdata a module to ensure that if a different size is added, that my size list gets updated.

All good so far - however when I run the import I get an error message "Another row has already been processed with this key" - we have lots of products the same size, so fair enough.

However when  I run this overnight through CloudWorks I get  "An integration failed due to a server error, please verify integration is intact".

Can anyone suggest how I can extract a list of all sizes from my masterdata so I can avoid the error, then I can import this to my size list.


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  • mburdak
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    Hi @rosmiller,


    Have you tried importing the size lineitem as text, then using a FINDITEM() on that lineitem to check whether that size already exists, if it doesn't(the result of FINDITEM() is blank) then ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE() can give you a boolean that can be used to filter only non existing unique entries.


    You can create 2 booleans using these 2 formulas and then create a saved view filtered by these boolenas to update your size list.


    Hope this helps,


    Mandeep Burdak.


  • mburdak
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    Glad this worked out for you.


    Although ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE() doesn't require size to be a dimension. Let us say you have 'Product' list as dimension and the input lineitem as 'Size Input', then you can do ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE(Size Input,Product).


    This will result in a boolean that will only be true for unique entries of size along the Product list, which can be used with your existing 'newsize' logic, and will eliminate all errors while importing.




    Blueprint View


    My 'Size' list only had S,M and L in it.


  • Thanks Mandeep... I used the finditem and booleans to create a line item of newsize, and then imported this. It will error if there is more than one item with a newsize that is the same, and most of the time this import will be blank.

    I didn't use isfirstoccurrence as size was not a dimension of this part of the master data (becomes a dimension of another module later on, but after I've updated the size list), so therefore the isfirstoccurrence would not work.

    However I'm happy with this 🙂

    Thanks again

  • Thanks very much, got it now!