Sprint 3 - Activity Create Inventory Ordering / Check Your Work

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3.3.5. Activity: Create Inventory Ordering/ Check Your Work

Please help with this activity... values are not matching, need solutions/formula hints to match the same.





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  • Sahitya
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    Hi @NISHI 


    The difference in forecast demand might be coming because of override? checkbox in DEM03 Demand Forecast. Check the Week2 FY20 and put override value to 62 and check whether it is matching or not in INV01. As suggested by @Misbah your reorder formula needs adjustment.





  • @NISHI 

    Small correction in the Reorder Flag


    Swap Ending Inventory and Shipping Time Weeks - Formula should look like OFFSET(Ending Inv, Shipping Time Weeks, 0) < 0


    Also I see there is minuscule difference of 2 in Forecast - that might be because of Override somewhere. I can't recall which module is that but see if you have input an override/adjustment of 2 on that particular intersection.


    Hope that helps

    Miz Logix

  • Thank you, for the solution it has been resolved.

  • Thank you for the solution its been resolved.