Production plan

Hello !


I’m actually building a supply chain model in order to train after getting the certified model builder. However, I can’t figure out how to build a module that will provide me a production plan.

I explain myself. I’m working on vegetables that are demand all along the year but that you can only harvest during a specific period of the year (and then make your stock for the entire year). Therefore, I’d like to make a production plan, knowing:

  • that the campaign of harvest for one vegetable is between x and y months
  • and the sequence of the different campaigns during the year.

I’d like to build a module that will give me the best production plan, to supply the demand knowing that for some period I won’t be able to produce certain type of legumes.

Moreover, I’d like to set priority on certains types of vegetables. For eg, two vegetables have their campaign superposed, I’d like to say that you have to first produce one of the two vegetables

Is there any existing app that deal directly with this situation (agriculuture model) or a related one (making of production plan or other) that I can have a look at. Or has anyone have clues on how to build such modules ?

Please ask me if you want to have more precisions on the situation


Thanks in advance 🙂