Level 1 Model Builder / Building 8.2.1 Activity


I am having some trouble with page selectors not showing up as expected. 


Here is the expected output from the lesson:




Here is mine showing up without page selectors:



I had some trouble mapping in the data upload for employees in lesson 7 but that shouldn't be the problem. Is there a quick fix or anyway to tell where I went astray?




  • I just slid P2 Products into pages from pivot view, is that all that is needed?



  • Hi @mthommes 


    Yes, you just slide P2 Products into the pages box in the pivot view.


    To keep this as your default view for when you open the module, after any visual changes (like pivoting dimensions or changing column widths), click on View, then Save as, then check the Save as default view for module true, then click Save.


    Hope this helps,