Boolean format not showing check boxes

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Hi All,


As the title explains the issue, I am unable to see the check boxes in my grid view for a boolean formatted line item, can someone please help and identify what am I missing ?

Please see the screen shots


Screenshot 2022-02-26 at 13.03.31.png

Screenshot 2022-02-26 at 13.03.10.png

Any help will be appreciated.





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  • rob_marshall
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    Please check to see if you are at the most detailed members of your dimensions.  If you are at an aggregated level with the summary of the line item being none would explain what you are experiencing.




  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @zaibhamid81,

    I think it is because you have Dynamic Cell Access enabled for this line item, and value of access driver is "False" - that's why you can't see it. If you want to see all values, go to Blueprint and clear relevant fields (note: it was probably put there on purpose, so you need to be sure that you are not removing some security from the model).

  • @M.Kierepka 


    Thank you so much for the post!!

    I have been struggling with this for almost 3 hours and literally gave up. Finally found your post.