Two set Operations in one script is not working correctly


Hi All ,

Below script is not working correctly let me know if i am missing out anything.

Only one operation is working while running the script.

echo off

set CertPath=path1
set PrivateKey=path2


set WorkspaceId1="abc"

set ModelId1="xyz"


set WorkspaceId2="bcd"

set ModelId2="pqr"


set ServiceUrl="path1"

set AuthUrl="path2"

set ProcessName1="p1"

set ProcessName2="p2"


set Chunksize=1


set Operation1=-debug -service %ServiceUrl% -auth %AuthUrl% -workspace %WorkspaceId1% -model %ModelId1% -chunksize %Chunksize% -process %ProcessName1% -execute -output "path.txt"


set Operation2=-debug -service %ServiceUrl% -auth %AuthUrl% -workspace %WorkspaceId2% -model %ModelId2% -chunksize %Chunksize% -process %ProcessName2% -execute -output "path.txt"


set Credentials=-certificate %CertPath% -pkey %PrivateKey%


rem *** End of settings - Do not edit below this line ***

setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion || exit /b 1

cd %~dp




  • Recommendation would be to split out the operations into two anaplan connect batch files. The official underlying anaplan connect program does not natively support two operation variables.