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Hi Anaplan,

I would like to ask since I have been having this issue since out development phase. I cannot seem to view the images in the Anaplan NUX. At first thew the images in the Anaplan NUX. at this issue since out development phase. I cannot seem to view the images in the NUXe issue was because the images was stored in the sharepoint folder of the client where I currently have issue logging in. but now the images are already stored in the module and not in the sharepoint folder I still cannot view the images/logos on the MR pdf and NUX.

Resolution: clear cache on the browser, I reinstalled Chrome and Firefox to ensure to reset all settings to default. In the MR pdf I can only view it once exported to pdf.

I turned off  my firewall – just in case this is the one causing the problem.

But in the NUX even if I export it as pdf it is still blank (see below). Is there any resolution that you can suggest because I am currently tasked to check whether all images/logos of the client is visible on the NUX. And I cannot check it if it is not visible on my side (and the client is very particular on the logos- as it represents their company). The weird thing is that I am the only one not seeing this. My teammates and clients can view them on their end. Is this a known bug in the NUX or is it just my service unit (laptop) that has a problem.





This is the view after I export to pdf a page.



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  • Misbah
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    That's weird. If others are able to see it so should you. It might be wise to check it from a different machine by using your anaplan credentials. It could be your browser issues as well.



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  • Hi Misbah,


    Is there a way to work on this since I dont have an available unit at present. is there a settings in the browser where I can allow the images to be seen.


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  • @Jsdeloria21 


    Not that I can think of. You can do screenshare with your colleague and try to login from his machine remotely. 


    Last resort is to open a ticket with support


    Miz Logix

  • If you've got issues with images in NUX and PDF creation it might because unless the picture is publicly hosted then it won't be created due to authentication issues. (@sprender might be able help out here)

    Are you sure that the image is stored in module and isn't just referenced as a line item? Because I didn't think that development had been released yet.