Import into DEM01 Module

Hello All


I m stuck in this activity,


can you tell me if my mapping is correct ? 



I think that the probleme is with the time mapping, i actually change the time scale to month bu stell have this error:



Help me please ,


Thank you 



  • Hi,


    In order for Anaplan to recognise data for time, you must ensure that you are selecting the appropriate format of the source data from the list of 'patterns' provided on the time tab of the import.


    Hope this helps!

  • hi @CraigPearce 


    I tried all the patern time choices but stil have the same probleme



  • now i m having this error, my import is not complete




  • Hi,


    Under the Time tab, you should try to click the Periods button and add a custom fixed-position pattern as follow.



  •  Hi @Dedef ,

    Considering the Date/Month Format on your source,

    Please try to proceed with "Match Names" on the Time Dimension TAB during Mapping.

    Please let me know if the issue still persists.


  • I did not understand the import in the "Time" column. Can you explain 

  • Hi @Dedef did you solve the issue? I have the same issue here! Please let me know, thanks

  • Custom is not valid as I have received the error message for me. Not sure how to fix it either. Unlike others I do not see Y-M or any months just weeks and year