Compare Amount/Percentage in Classic not working in NUX


I did not see anything noting that this functionality will not work in NUX (


We have several saved views set up for CSR Walk, using those saved views in NUX results in the same values for each.


First grid - showing Compare From start as Actual (dynamic by user selection)

Second grid - showing Forecast (static does not change for user)

Third grid - using and showing Compare to Forecast (Compare to is static, but the Compare from is dynamic)


In classic, it works correctly, however in NUX it is syncing all of the grids to the version selector choice, even by using the saved view locking in on the compare to forecast, as well as locking in the second grid to show ONLY Forecast Working.


The Compare saved view is changing to show the regular grid value of what version is selected. It is not retaining the Compare to functionality. If I change to ONLY show Forecast Working - it shows only what Forecast Working is, not the compare to amounts.




  • Hi @jtkerlin,


    Could you possibly attach a screenshot? It sounds like the solution to your issue likely lies in the "Context" setting of you Card configurations within the NUX - though I'm not positive I'm following the problem fully through. 


    If cards are syncing with selection when they shouldn't be, you should be able to navigate to the Context section of the card configuration and click the setting icon on individual grid dimensions to control whether they sync with selections on the rest of the page or not.


    Please let me know if that's not what the issue is and I'll happily try to help figure out a different solution.




  • Three screen shots attached.

    1) NUX with layout - first is dynamic, second is static and third should be dynamic with compare static. The second one is staying static, however the compare to one is not working - it is just showing/pulling what the first dynamic/page selection is.

    2) Settings for last grid- compare to. I do not have it as not sync, because I do want the values to change based on what the page selection is - but it should retain the same compare to base version (which was Forecast Working in the saved View)

    3) How it looks in classic - first dynamic, second static, third dynamic with compare static. Works as expected - same selections as what was done in NUX.

  • Hi @jtkerlin ,


    Ah, I see what you're saying. I apologize, I didn't realize you were using the built-in Compare functionality. I must admit that I don't have much experience using it myself. I tried to create a dummy replicate of your module and play around with it, and am running into the same problem as you. For whatever reason the New UX doesn't appear to recognize the Compare functionality in saved views, and it isn't an option in New UX custom views (from what I can tell).


    Sorry I couldn't be of more help here... hopefully someone else can be!



  • Thanks for taking a look, we only started using the Compare functionality as well and ran into this when playing with NUX vs Classic.