OEG Best Practice: Data integration decision app

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We built this app to make getting started on your Anaplan data integration journey simple with a quick questionnaire and helpful information and links.

A common question that arises during Anaplan implementations (or even after go-live) is "How can I automate data feeds into and out of Anaplan?" While the ultimate decision tends to be a nuanced one dependent on individual customer requirements, we have found it is useful to at least qualify the solutions with some simple questions. 

A few notes: If you do not see your enterprise system listed, please submit a recommendation at the bottom of the app. If you click on a row in the table the personas below will refresh, showing you who is typically involved when implementing that particular data integration solution.


Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. This app will be a work in progress and we'd love to hear from the community.

Contributing authors: Anne-Julie Balsamo and Christophe Keomanivong.


  • AnyaS
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    Neat! thanks for putting it together!

  • jwu
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    Where is the app?

  • annejulie
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    Hey @jwu! the app is in the body of the article, it looks like a screenshot, but it is not 😉

  • hankwoo
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    Thanks Joey!

  • RikD
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    This is great! Thank you for setting this up!


  • gvannier
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    Hi Team,


    you're rock ! it a good filter for CS to have a first level of answer with the customer during RFI or RFP.


    Thank you 

  • annejulie
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    Hello Community,

    We know that there's a little hiccup with the app right now - we are actively investigating.

    Stay tuned!

  • Aravindm
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    Can you please help with integrating with 'Amazon Managed Blockchain' ?

  • This app excludes Cloudworks when Require Orchestration? = Yes. That seems a bit out of date. With the recent addition of Integration Flows to Cloudworks, it now handles both scheduling and a certain degree of dependencies.

  • i don't see any conbination suggests cloudworks. it might need update to refect up to date options.

  • Hi @JessieZ - Thanks for pointing out that the tool needs to be updated with additional integration options that have been introduced since its launch. That is on the plan. Relative to your point about no options display CloudWorks, if you select AWS S3 —> No —> No —> No for the options in the sidebar, CloudWorks will be recommended.

  • This is time savor!!👌