Can someone explain what exactly is metadata, and what is the role of metadata in the datahub and how it is better to calculate the metadata in the datahub itself rather than importing it to other spoke models?



  • Hello @Vikas7895

    Meta data is nothing but your required(dimentionality) lists information along with attribute data, and in datahub we will maintain/store these are flat lists. Data hub is the single source of truth (for multiple spoke models) and we will not do any calculations.

    We will bring that meta data into spoke models either flat/hierarchal lists and attribute information in system modules which are referred for multiple calculations.

  • Hello @Vikas7895 ,

    In simple words, Metadata is data that is required to create lists, Properties, subsets. In Data Hub, this data shall be calculated. For example, a file contains Transactional data which has SalesReps, Products details. From this you can create SalesReps list, Products list by finding Unique items. Later, import those unique entries to create/update lists in spoke models.