Combination Chart

Hi everyone,


I have used above saved view to create a combination chart. Where Time, Versions in Columns and Line items in rows.


I am getting Quarters in X axis . But is there any chance that I can see Versions in the x axis along with time?i.e; as label


Please suggest me some solution.




  • Hi @Saisri8568 


    What you might consider is a module that's got a numbered list as dimension called it Graph Dimension or something and then have a couple of line items that are formatted by time and version (if fake list), boolean if using native versions to create your display name which will double as the label in your graph.


    Then bring through the values as appropriate from your source module to this target module using look-ups and selects (if native version). The upside of this is you'll be able to adjust your look-up module everytime for new months, versions.


    Hope that helps.