Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Hello All,


Need your help.I am getting Model object "'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" could not be located for 9.1 Import Historic Volumes. Rest of the two : 9.2 Import Opening Stock, 9.3 Import Shipping Metrics are fine.


Do I need to change DATA03 Historic Volumes Time Range from FY19-FY20 to Model Calendar? or could it be some other issue?


Can you some throw some light. Thank you








  • Hi @sripatnala ,


    The time range should not be an issue as there still should be matching times between the two. Looking back, I believe the source of this should be in your data hub - is that where your action is pointing? 


    I would recommend going to your Imports screen and checking the source label/source object for action 9.1, and ensuring it's pointing to the correct model and that the saved view it's pointing to is still there. If not, you may need to re-perform the action.


    Let me know if that works,


  • Thank you @TimothyThomas. I double checked. To me it looks ok. Not sure where it is going wrong!



  • Hi @sripatnala ,


    Strange, that is exactly how mine is set up as well! Would you mind opening your data hub and going into the underlying saved view and sending a screenshot of that? Perhaps something is configured wrong there.




  • Sure, Thank you. Please find the screen shots below






  • Hi @sripatnala ,


    The only difference I show in mine is I have line items pivoted to Pages rather than Columns. Maybe give that a shot and see if it works? If not, I would try to redo the manual import, delete the old action and save the new one with the same name and re-add it to the process.




  • Pivot changes didn't help. I got same error. Let me try re-do manual import, etc..