"Freeze Panes" Functionality

Hi Expert, Currently we are implementing ANAPLAN solution , and we have questions and would like to check with you. 1.Is there any functionality in ANAPLAN similar to "FREEZE PANES" in EXCEL to lock the columns and Rows header  2.When we use drill-down functionality in ANAPLAN, there's "FORMULA" that showing in the top of the drill-down box.(refer to screen attached). Can we hide this "Formula" ? Regards, Alric.F


Best Answer

  • At the moment, there is not a freeze pane option in Anaplan. As you scroll down the data, the column headers will stay in place. However, when you scroll left/right through the column headers, you cannot select to freeze the first one (for instance). Additionally, you cannot hide the formula in the drill down.

    Let me know if you have other questions.


  • The formula is not visible on a dashboard, however, and even if you drill down on a formula-driven number the underlying formula is not spelled out explicitly.