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Hi! I just wanted to ask for assistance because my driver module wasn't able to lock the input cells on my Input module. On my input module, dimension is the child while on the driver module, dimension includes the parent and version. 





  • Hi @che213523,

    Is this still an issue for you? If so, can you confirm if the list used for the "driver" module and the "input" module are the same. You mentioned that the list for the input module is the "child" while list for the driver module "includes the parent and version" so am not clear whether they are 2 separate lists or the same list but one is a subset of the other and only includes the child items.

    It would be good if you could show the values in the SYS19 Submission Phase module as well as the normal view (as opposed to the Blueprint view) of the Input module. This will assist discovering the issue.

    Alternatively, if this issue has been resolved, please click "Yes" to the question below this post to indicate that the issue has already been resolved.