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I have a slightly unusual situation with the conditional formatting in one of our waterfall charts. Currently it is possible to select a conditional format for negative numbers and a different one for positive numbers. We have a situation where we are moving from a baseline to a target  and therefore negatives are good (formatted green). However, there is a final sum which shows "gap to target" which is effectively how much under or over the target they are. If they are under target this shows as a negative and therefore green, even though its actually a "bad" thing and should show as red. Conversely if they've met their target it then shows red....any one have any suggestions how this can be got around? 





  • Hi @MattDunne ,


    The way we have gotten around this is by creating a separate reporting module dimensionalized by the original module's line item subset in addition to its other dimensions. We then add a few additional line items that are exclusively for formatting purposes. We call the lines:


    • "Growth is Bad?": Boolean formatted, no time scale application, only needs to be dimensionalized by the line item subset, manual entry. Basically allows you to pick and choose which lines to mark as "good" or "bad" in terms of their increase/decrease.
    • "Growth +/-": Number formatted, also no time scale application and only needs to be dimensionalized by the line item subset. Formula: IF Growth is Bad? THEN -1 ELSE 1
    • "Formatting Flag": Number formatted, time is applicable as well as each module dimension. Formula: ~Variance Line Item~ * Growth +/-

    Within conditional formatting, we then choose the original variance line item and use the "Formatting Flag" as the "Based on the Values From" line item, with negative values red and positive values green. 


    Hope that helps/makes sense... of course, in our instance we're only doing this with relatively small modules, but if yours is large then building the extra reporting module may not be feasible/ideal. I'm sure others have used other methods as well. Let me know if you could use any further detail than this!

    Thanks and good luck,


  • Hi Timmy, 

    Thanks for this, will give that a go!