#BreakTheBias with Master Anaplanner Sonal Tripathi



This week the Anaplan Community blog is featuring employee, customer, and partner thoughts on how to #BreakTheBias in recognition of International Women's Day 2022. Today we welcome Master Anaplanner Sonal Tripathi to the blog. 

I am Sonal Tripathi, a Certified Master Anaplanner and Senior Anaplan Analyst with Adobe with a total work experience of 10.5 years. On my personal front, I am a mother to two lovely daughters, aged eight and three. We live in a culture where household chores and raising kids are considered to be primarily the responsibility of women. While we are constantly challenging these biases in our personal space, there is also a huge bias to be addressed for women in their professional lives. At some point in their professional journey, all women come across a situation where they notice either pay disparity or unequal growth opportunities as compared to male colleagues.

Fortunately, I have been lucky to work with teams and organizations where this bias has been minimal. I have been judged on my merit rather than being judged on the basis of my personal responsibilities. In order to keep this getting better for me, I am clear in my head when I have to prioritize my work and when I need to prioritize my personal life. I try to be transparent with respect to my personal commitments with my team and take my time off guilt-free whenever I need it.  

In order to keep this getting better for other women in my team, I try to follow an empathetic approach. Trying to step into their shoes helps me understand their perspective better. On a similar note, whenever I am hiring for my team, I make sure that I am hiring the right candidate only on the basis of their skill set irrespective of their gender or their personal commitments.

Last but not the least, as women, we all must try to uplift each other. Only then can we make this place a better place for all working women and break all conscious and unconscious biases around women.

How do you #BreakTheBias in your personal or professional life? Tell us in the comments below.

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