level 1 activity 12.4.6


Hello everyone,


I'm running into a little snag on the check for activity 12.4.6 but I think it is related to an earlier mistake. I am supposed to have Shala Engle and other employee names in the pages, instead I have Departments?


Here is what mine looks like:



Here is what it is supposed to look like: 




I remember running into import issues when importing data for Employees in an earlier lesson... Probably showing up here but I'm looking for a quick fix for the list.


Here is my list in grid view




Any recommendations help, thanks!




  • Hi @mthommes ,


    Since the employee list rolls up to the department list, it makes sense that you are able to see departments in the Pages. If you click the dropdown for Production, are you not able to see any employees? If not then you may need to check your select levels to show by pivoting the list to rows and right clicking on it to see if you've accidentally hidden the lower level hierarchy.


    Hope that helps, let me know if more detail is needed!




  • Thanks Timothy,


    I did end up seeing just Shala listed with the rest of the departments