MB - L2 - S3 - Inventory Ordering Module Formulas


Hi Everyone, 

Could you please help me to compete activity I am struggling with the missing formulas in the screen shot. I will really appreciate if someone can help to resolve these formulas. Also please let me know if all other formulas are correct.


Screenshot 2022-03-05 at 22.20.50.png




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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @zaibhamid81 ,


    First off, all of the formulas you already have there do look correct from what I can tell.


    For Shipping Time Weeks: You should be able to reference the same line item within your TRA01 module, but you will need to use lookups to figure out the SKU's Product, and also to figure out the Shipping Method.


    For Confirm Purchase Order Receipt: You need to check if the Confirmed PO Delivery is non-zero, in which case you should be pulling in the suggested order amount in the final shipping time (weeks).


    Sorry to be purposefully vague, just trying to give you some hints without spelling out the formulas... let me know if that does help nudge you in the right direction or if you need more detail.