Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Can someone help me out with this issue of running 9 Import Data Hub:






  • Can you please share mapping screenshot as well as the target module view.



    Ankur Sonthalia

  • Because the "s G3 Distribution Centre?" ends with a ? it would normally imply that the field was BOOLEAN formatted.  So almost definitely a mapping issue - check the line item formats of the target for the import and make sure the data you are importing matches.

  • Thank you! Just got it mapped.
  • Could you explain how you troubleshoot it? I had the same error but data was imported. I'm not sure if I sure disregard error. 

  • @TimWard70's advice is good.


    "Invalid line item identifier" would mean that Anaplan is having a hard time matching the line item "identifier", which means the column heading in this case, with the module definition.  I'd check that they match exactly.  Without seeing the import mapping itself as @Ankur.Sonthalia suggests, it's hard to be sure.


    PS.  Sometimes when you save the failure log, it is easier to read than it is on the screen in Anaplan.

  • My mapping is as followed. I think the issue is that the "Filter" dimension in the source model is not in the target module. However, I think this is redundant, because if there is no inventory, it will show as zero. I might be wrong, but here is the module after the import. 








  • I just ran my own "9.2 Import Opening Stock".  I do not get this error.  One issue here: your export view from the data hub should use line item "Filter" as a filter, but you shouldn't show that line item in the view.  Note that my copy of Level 2 course is quite old, so it may have evolved since I created my models.


    PS.  The subset names ARE unusual here; as Tim Ward points out, a "?" normally means boolean; I'd argue we should not use it in the name of a subset, even if that's what the course asks of us.

  • That resolved my  issue! I wasn't importing with the saved view. Thank you!