3.4.3 Activity: Create Country Summary Module


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I am stuck in this exercise almost 2 hour, not able to proceed further. Can anyone please help?


I have added line item "Country Made in"  SYS08 SKU details module. Now i know that the formula in Safety stock flag count would be 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In] but to this formula work do i need to pull the data into Country Made in Line item in SYS08 module. If yes how? and from which module i can get this? trying it from 3 hour almost but dont see any progress. Appreciate your help.



  • Hi @RaghuMulki 


    Your safety stock flag count formula is correct. To that formula to work correctly "country made in" line item needs to be populated which can be done through SYS06 Location details. You can use lookup to populate from SYS06 Location details' line item supplied by.


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  • Hi @RaghuMulki
    You have to populate the Country Made line item. Country is nothing but the parent of Distribution Center. So just use PARENT function to find country in that line item
    Parent(distribution center)
  • Thanks for you help. Formula is worked for me.

  • Thanks ever so much for the tip. I used the function ---PARENT(Distribution Center)---

    This has been a lifeline. Thanks to all who have taken their time to support aspirants like me



  • Hi, 


    I am trying this but mine refuses to populate. For reference, Supplied By is formatted as "Distribution Center?" and Country Made In is formatted as "G2 Country"


    If I use PARENT(Supplied By) it accepts the formula but does nothing.

    If I type in PARENT(Distribution Center?), since it won't allow me to select the column in the list,  it throws an error.


    What is going on here?






  • I am struggling with the same thing, hence why I am on here.  But you have an extra closing parenthesis ")" in your formula.  Maybe that is why?

  • I don't see an extra?

    What was you question, maybe I can help.

  • Getting an error when using the formula.



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