MB - L2 - S3 - Check Your Work ( SUMMARY TOTAL - MISMATCH)


Hi Everyone,


I am having issue with matching my work after putting formulas in sprint 3. All value are matching but summary totals are not matching at SKU level and All product level. Please advise what have I done wrong and how can I fix these issues. Please see the screenshot of my model against required numbers.   


SKU level



All product level


Thanks in advance.



Best Answer

  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @zaibhamid81 ,


    I think the answer lies in your line item summary settings. For something like Inventory, you probably want to set your time setting to a Closing Balance rather than a Sum. Play around with the time summaries for the line items that aren't working and see if that fixed your issue!

    Let me know if more detailed is needed,