Change Mass Line Item Number Formats to No Significant Digits


If I have a lot of line items that I want to change from being the default 4 significant digits to 0 decimals, what is the easiest way to change this?


Best Answer

  • alec_judd
    Go to Settings->Modules->Line Items and export all of the line items to excel.  Once you have the excel file, put a filter on the column headers (first row).
    Drop down the filter on Format, unselect all, and then scroll down and reselect any items that start with {"minimumSignificantDigits”:4 or any digit that is not “-1”.
    Once you have these line items showing that you want to change, change the format for the first one so that in the beginning it says:
    Copy this down to all of the other line items, and then un-filter all columns.  Click on the cell below Format and highlight all cells below it.  Copy and paste into Anaplan in the same Format column in Modules->Line Items.
    Now all of those line items that were showing significant figures will display 0 decimal places.