Automated attribute change capture



I had a query, I had created a mailto functionality for various projects based on the location for example if Project is based out in London then mail should automatically pick out the Europe mail address and so on for other countries based on region, the mailto functionality is disabled by the receiving team once the mail is triggered, manually using a boolean.

However, in the very unlikely situation of a project being shifted from location A to location B, the functionality of mailto should once again be made open to the end user. 

Currently change of location is a list formatted line item and can be easily changed by the end user, in such a scenario how do we capture/record the change and such change should therefore enable the mailto line item. 
I know this can be achieved with an action however can the same be achieved without an action as the use case isn't very likely in a practical scenario.

Appreciate all feedbacks and suggestions




  • @Sachinsourav02,

    You can achieve this without an action by leveraging Anaplan's native functionality. Here's a concise approach:

    1. Create a System Module:
      • Build a system module with a line item to capture the change in project location. This module will act as a control module.
    2. Capture Location Change:
      • Use a boolean line item in the system module to capture if there is a change in the project location.
    3. Link to Mailto Line Item:
      • Create a line item in your main module (where the mailto functionality is) that is conditionally formatted based on the boolean value in the system module. This line item controls the mailto functionality.
    4. Conditional Formatting:
      • Apply conditional formatting to the mailto line item so that it is enabled when the boolean in the system module indicates a change in location.
    5. End User Update:
      • Instruct end users to update the change in location in the system module, which will automatically trigger the conditional formatting in the main module.

    This approach utilizes Anaplan's built-in capabilities, allowing end users to make updates without requiring a separate action. The conditional formatting ensures that the mailto functionality responds dynamically to changes in the system module.