DEM03 Demand Forecast - adding Overrides exceeds size limits


Hi - working through sprint two of level two


I am at the stage where I need to add three line items for the Override Forecast functionality, but cannot as this exceeds the size limits.


The module uses the lists P3 SKU and Accounts, Timescale is Week and Time Range is Model Calendar. Total cells is 34,721,544. Perhaps my module is structured incorrectly? 


Can anyone confirm the structure for me?





Error message:

Model change has been rejected to prevent the workspace exceeding its size limit

Current model size: 417135690
Rejected model size: 626758554
Current workspace size: 949751888
Workspace limit: 1073741824


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  • markmorris
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    Hi - Thanks for the reply


    As a temporary solution I reduced the items in the Accounts list, when then let me create the extra list items.


    However, on the back your response, I looked at the other modules and there was a test one that I had created ages ago which was taking up 50% of the workspace. That has now been deleted 🙂





  • Hi @markmorris ,


    The dimensionality of your module appears correct, as does the sizing of it. However, your overall model size is bigger than my L2 (to be fair it has been a little while since I completed, so perhaps they have added to it). This module alone is by far the largest module within my L2, taking up ~70% of its total cells.


    Regardless, you may need to increase the workspace size that your model is within. If that's not an option, then perhaps there is some model cleanup that can occur. It appears the workspace size is ~10 GB? That can be enough for a Sandbox depending on the amount of users working through training. Ours is 50 GB, though that may be a bit overkill on our end.


    Anyways, long story short, you don't appear to be missing anything in regards to the Demand Forecast module dimensionality. Maybe check your other modules to see if another is taking up a lot of space, and check on its dimensionality. If you do see another suspicious module feel free to report back and I can compare the dimensionality on my end.



  • Ah, good to hear! I play around with those models all the time to this day so I've been there before - glad it's now working.