File/Data Encryption During Export using Informatica


Need guidance around how to encrypt data for an Anaplan export using IICS (Informatica).  As soon as there is an data export and before it hits target (FTP location or Cloud service), data in transit has to be in encrypted status. So I guess, the question is - how do I encrypt the data as soon as export action runs. 

I was reading about BYOK, and will that take care of data encryption and data exported will be in encrypted status.


  • @AvnishGoel,

    Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a strategy that allows you to manage the encryption keys for your Anaplan environment. However, BYOK primarily focuses on securing the data at rest within the Anaplan environment rather than encrypting the data during the export process.

    To ensure that data is encrypted in transit, you'll need to consider the transport layer security (TLS) protocols in use during the data export. TLS is a standard protocol that ensures privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. Most modern data integration tools, including Informatica IICS, support TLS for secure data transmission.

    Here are the general steps you can follow:

    1. Configure TLS in Informatica IICS:
      1. Ensure that your Informatica IICS environment is configured to use TLS for secure communication. This typically involves configuring the appropriate TLS settings within the Informatica platform.
    2. Configure Secure FTP or Cloud Service:
      1. If you're using FTP or a cloud service as the target for your Anaplan export, ensure that the chosen service supports secure connections (e.g., SFTP for FTP or HTTPS for cloud services).
    3. Verify Encryption Protocols:
      1. Check the encryption protocols supported by both Anaplan and the target service. Ensure they are aligned and support strong encryption standards.
    4. Implement Secure Protocols in Anaplan:
      1. Configure secure protocols for your Anaplan export action. This may involve specifying the appropriate URLs or endpoints that support secure connections.
    5. Consult Anaplan and Informatica Documentation:
      1. Refer to the documentation provided by Anaplan and Informatica IICS for detailed guidance on configuring secure connections and encryption during data export.

    BYOK is beneficial for managing encryption keys within Anaplan but may not directly address encryption during data transit. It's more relevant for securing data when it's at rest in Anaplan servers.

    Always refer to the latest documentation for both Anaplan and Informatica IICS to ensure that you are following best practices and leveraging the most secure options available in the respective platforms. If you have specific requirements or encounter challenges, consider reaching out to the support teams of both platforms for assistance.