Line Item Subset Filter not working in New UX?


Hi All:

I am attempting to filter in the NewUX by way of a line item subset. Goal is to hide line items based upon the selection of the user. In the traditional UX I can apply the filter without issue. 

When I go to apply the filter to my grid in the worksheet (NewUX), it does not allow me to select the line item I wish to filter on, screen cap attached. 

Is this a limitation of the New UX? Has anyone ran into this issue before? Thanks in advance. 



  • Hi Dan


    Presume you've got a module that's dimensioned by the LISS which has a boolean on it? And then apply that to the first module... That's how we've done it in both Classic and UX.




  • Hi Andrew:


    Yup, I have a module dimensioned by the LISS which has a Boolean on it, applying it to the target module. 

    Working in classic. In the new UX I have the option to choose the LISS module in the filters, but when I go to select which line item from the module to filter on, none display. 

    Any idea on what could be causing this?

  • Hey Daniel,

    Have you been able to solve this issue? I just came across the very same problem. T8.2 Test module has LiS and Filter as well, but I cannot select it here.

    Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

  • Hey Jakolar,

    Sadly no solution on this yet. If I do find a solution will be sure let you know.



  • Hi, I'm having the same issue. Any solutions so far? That's very annoying :(