Level 1 Exam activity 4


Hi anaplaners.

I am giving my level 1 exam. currently stuck on activity 4 where we need to import data into Sys 08file.

for that I have added Region & role to Sys08 module. 


Step 2:  import data into Sys08. (SS 2). for some reason I am not being allowed to manually map - department with department. (source & target)


  • Expected 2-digit month number in date/period (12 occurrences)
  • ITem not located in E2 Employees# list (am i supposed to update the list here too)

Kindly give me ur help ASAP






  • @mwood 


    When trying to figure out issues with actions, it is always better to look at the second tab (Details) which explains more about the errors.  As for the 2-digit issue, I would recommend revisiting the time mapping and for the employees, make sure you are mapping to the code since E2 Employees is a numbered list.