UX comment summary


Is it possible to see all comments associated with a UX page in one place, regardless of context selectors? E.g. it would be ideal if selecting a parent item in context selectors could aggregate all the comments or if there was another way to run a report that captures all comments on any given page to facilitate review. 


Many thanks!



  • Check out the Feb release article: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Releases/February-2022-releases-and-March-sneak-peek/ba-p/133292#toc-hId-933584595 

    • Comment Summary View: Keep up with the conversation at a glance. Discover all comments on a page & context selection with our new summary view. Easily drill down to an individual comment thread, or keep an eye on the bigger picture and watch conversations update in real time.




  • Thanks Lauren! 


    I would like to be able to summarize all comments for a particular page. 

    E.g. when you're on the top level of a context selector ("All ...') I would like to be able to see all comments that are associated with the underlying selections. Is this possible/ something that could be considered in next stages of development?


    Many thanks!

  • It would also be useful to at least be able to export all existing comments