Data Integration between Anaplan and Salesforce


Hi everyone!

could you share options which you use to load data from Anaplan to Salesforce?

i can see two options at the moment, which do not work well for me:

- 3rd Party connectors described here , the problem is we do not have that in our organization 


- extracting csv files from Anaplan and uploading to salesforce, this option has security concerns.



thank you


  • Hi @AleksandraE 


    Wonder if @christophe_keom or @joeymorisette might be able to help out here?

    Not sure if you can use Python to connect directly to Salesforce, pull the data and automatically load it into Anaplan as a proxy for an ETL tool.



  • Misbah



    Have you explored API options. Anaplan supports both Bulk and Transactional APIs with Salesforce. Bulk Api supports file based transfer as far as I know whereas Transactional apis support json payloads of upto 1 million records. I went ahead with Transactional apis last time I integrated salesforce with anaplan.


    Miz Logix 

  • thank you @Misbah  and @andrewtye  for the ideas,


    @Misbah  we have much more then 1million cells (average it should be 100millions) , so i think it is a limitation for our case. but i will definitely consider this option, I probably can do it in iterations, have you had that experince?

  • Misbah



    Yes, 1 million is  pretty small a number for any data integration. However we still had gone for this option because it was pretty quick. 


    Plus Anaplan was working on it to get this number up.



    Miz Logix

  • @andrewtye @AleksandraE 


    Anaplan unfortunately does not have a native connector to Salesforce. If an ETL tool such as Informatica etc. is not an option the only other route would be to script out an integration between Salesforce's and Anaplan's APIs. Using the Anaplan Bulk API, file size should be no problem, if you want smaller sets of data the Anaplan Transactional API could be an option.


    I found this Salesforce article  that is an intro to how to use a simpler programming language like Python to extract data. This could be use in conjunction with our unofficial Anaplan Python library to help automate data feeds. 


    Best, Joey

  • @AleksandraE I would split the problem in 2 parts. 


    1. Extract data from Salesforce to a TXT file: Salesforce, being a cloud solution, it should have dedicated REST API solutions to solve this. Similar to Anaplan, I think also Salesforce has some REST API's library dedicated to extract data from Salesforce. 


    2. Import from TXT file to Anaplan: it can be used Anaplan Connect or REST API scripts


    Also, I would explore if in your organization is there any ETL tool used. Some ETL tools could have REST API functionalities (even they do not have connectors built with Salesforce or Anaplan) to extract data from Salesforce and upload data into Anaplan. 


    Hope it helps