Another row has already been processed with this key


Is there any way to suppress messages after importing into a List that are a result of the 'Another row has already been processed with this key'


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  • rlgarcia06
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    Hi! It seems you have multiple entries in the file with the same unique identifier. Ideally we need to edit the import file. But another work around is to load the data in a temporary list/module and create a validation module to clean up the data, and use a saved view of this validation module as source for the actual import to the target list/module.



    I don't think you can simply disable warnings, but could you please advise why you need to do this?


    BTW, If this is a result of building a list from the same source as data load (for example data contain periods causing key to be duplicated), a separate upload based on different source selecting unique items could help.

  • The reason for this is because when end users run a process containing several list import routines, when the confirmation message shows the warnings then they have to open each one to check if there are any errors and 99% of the time it is for the 'Another row has already been processed with this key' type message rather than a 'real' import error as such.


  • It is a building a list from the same source as data load type of thing, so maybe a unique items selection would be the best option.

  • Yes that is correct, it is a model that I have inherited and has been in use for some time. Basically there is one import process that pulls in data from the data hub model, this process updates several modules and lists in one process and on the lists it is set to only import the first instance of the list item, therefore we end up with a warning message each time. Usually the end user would ignore those messages but when we have new starters, they think that something has gone wrong with the import so just trying to eliminate that.