Chart in UX does not show complete time


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I have been trying to show daily data from Jul 2021 onwards but the chart only show Jul 1 to 17 only. The data uses a saved view of a module which is filtered. 


How can we show the data of Jul 18 onwards?




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  • @rlgarcia06 

    On your image I noticed that each date repeats four times. Do you have any other dimentions in your source module? Or this is a bug you found?

  • There is another dimension in the source source module.
  • @rlgarcia06  Please use custom views for UX dashboard build. Since in module view you have applied filter, so may not get desired view in dashboard. 


    Do let me know for further help.




  • Hi, Thank you for your response. I tried using custom view instead of module view but i don,t see any difference. Please see screenshots below.







  • @rlgarcia06 

    I believe the chart has limitations in the number of elements to be shown on horisontal axis.

    Can you try to pivot the module that the second level dymension (with numbers) is a page selector. Then you have to see more days on the chart if my theory is correct.

  • Hi @KirillKuznetsov thanks for the response. I tried moving the second dimension and more dates show up. I also tried it in classic dashboard and it shows that there is a 200 item limit for the horizontal axis. Maybe it has the same limit for the UX. Thank you!