Anaplan Connect Integration


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Anaplan Connect scripts to connect to the internet via web proxy server?


Could you please share your thoughts on the above question raised from one of our customer?

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  • Hi @anildudam,

    Yes, there are such options, "-v" (and "-vu" for protected proxies).You can find relevant option in documentation in Appendix C:

  • Hi Kierepka,

    Thanks for your reply. Further to your answer, our customer asking Integration question as Anaplan Connect system/server, must setup internet right?
  • Thank you so much Kierepka

  • Hi @mokhtariadis,

    I'd need more details to help you:

    1. If I read correctly, it often fails - it means it sometimes works? Then, I'd assume it's your proxy/connection instability, not Anaplan's fault, and I can't help you there.
    2. I understand that you use proxies to scrape the data - but do you need to pass your Anaplan traffic through them? It sounds like it's not necessary for you. Or at least, can you check if without proxies you are able to connect to Anaplan correctly?
    3. Do you have some logs (either generated by Anaplan Connect by using "debug"/"-d" flag, or from your proxy, preferably from both)? Usually they have the information needed to solve a case.

    Also, if the above won't help, it might be better to start another, fresh thread for your case.