Multiple data write actions per button press


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I have a button that updates a boolean line item in order to change the status of something. Is there a way to have it so when I press the button, it sets multiple line items boolean's? Ideally I'd like it to update multiple line items from one button press.






  • Hi @SamPoirier26


    I'd recommend creating multiple imports, especially if you're looking to use the same source line item to map to multiple target line items. Once those import actions are all set up, you can house them in the same process so that all of those actions run when you click the process button.


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  • Hi @rmcgill

    I'm not using imports - this question is about the Data Write action.




  • Could you not just write multiple conditional formulas that reference the single booelan write? 

  • The Data Write action as it stands today is unfortunately limited to writing a single value to a single cell.


    The other folks in the thread have highlighted the only two workarounds I can think of for this:

    1. Per @rmcgill: If you need data written to multiple locations, then you can set up a series of imports and publish a Process to the page instead of a Data Write action. The downside is that processes are blocking actions and generally should not be run by end users (see 5.01-03 Keep user actions to a minimum).

    2. In consideration of the best practice noted above, @ChrisStauffer's suggestion to have a formula drive the other values is a fantastic option, and would be what I recommend for the best performance and user experience.