UNDO Action


What are the ways to implement "UNDO" action/process with a help of a custom created button on dashboard in Anaplan? This UNDO button would reset values of cells to it's original initial value.


  • I would copy the module you want to reset, remove any calculation line items, set the data to what you want as the reset point. Then create a module to module import from this new module to the original...

  • aakash


    For the module for which you want to create an undo action, create a copy, keep this copy on the dashboard for any interaction by the user. Give users, two buttons each containing a model to model import, one from copy to original and the other from original to copy. Once the user is done making changes, they will need to press a button saying 'Confirm Changes' that will take the data from copy to original. Another button called 'Reset' would bring the data from Original Module to copy module. 


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    Aakash Sachdeva