Populate a Forecast


Hi everyone, This will be an easy one : What is the easiest way to populate a "forecast"'s version for 2015 based on the "actual 2014" and a constant ratio ? Regards


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  • zimin-oleg
    Answer ✓
    It depends on model details
    If you use 2 years timescale (2014 & 2015)
    and build a module with versions (Actual&Forecast) you could have steps as below:
    1. For target lineitem (let's name it Sales) you change formula scope to All versions except actual
    2. You upload actuals to actual version
    3. You build formula - POST(sales[SELECT: VERSIONS.Actual], 12)*rate%
  • alec_judd
    Answer ✓
    If you're looking for the formula to calculate that version model-wide, you can also use a formula in the versions in the Settings Tab (Settings -> Versions -> Formula).