if formula question



I want to make if formula..


if 値変更入力欄 have values(not blank), show 値変更入力欄's value else(値変更入力欄 doesn't have value) show 前回値's value how can i make this formula?


please help me...T-T


Best Answer

  • Hi @Baek 


    it seems like the first line item in your IF formula (値変更入力欄) is formatted as "number", therefore the logical test to check if is not blank should be " <> 0" instead. the "Is not blank" logical check you are trying to run against it only works with "text" and "list" formatted line items.


    so, in short, you can either:

    1.  change the formula to: IF 値変更入力欄 <> 0 then 値変更入力欄 else 前回値

    2. Leave the formula as is: IF isnotblank(値変更入力欄) then 値変更入力欄  else 前回値   but for this formula to work you must change the format of the line item 値変更入力欄 to Text or List. Also, please note that your syntax for the "is not blank" check is not correct.


    I hope it helps, I do not know Japanese nor kanjis






    Hi, Alex


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